who we are

The Youth Collaborative for Chinatown (YCC) is a network of youth doing awesome things in, for and with Vancouver's Chinatown. Wanting to bring back the "hot and noisy" atmosphere of the community, we activate public spaces with monthly Chinatown Mahjong Socials where people come play, teach or learn mahjong and participate in activities like storytelling, lantern-making and book binding. Our approach is collaborative, culturally-based and intergenerational. We are grassroots and volunteer run, harnessing community talents and materials from graphic design skills to borrowed mahjong tables and tile sets, but we still need a bit of support to keep us going and growing!

YCC supports youth who are already actively involved in Chinatown or are interested in becoming involved, to collaborate and document ways that younger generations can contribute to the neighbourhood.


The Youth Collaborative for Chinatown was founded in May 2015 by June Chow, Doris Chow, Kathryn Lennon, and Claudia Li and Nicole So c/o Hua Foundation. We began with a focus on public realm activation and building opportunities for intergenerational and intercultural activity in the Chinatown neighbourhood. Over Summer 2015, we spent one evening a month playing mahjong outdoors in the Chinatown Memorial Plaza (Keefer Triangle), trying to fill the void of the Chinatown Night Market and to do something positive and proactive amidst the doom and gloom. We've continued the momentum of the Chinatown Mahjong Social towards growing a critical mass of young people who care about the neighbourhood.