Youth Collaborative for Chinatown in the press:

CBC Early Edition: Chinatown Soundwalk (Nov 2018) - note: interview starts at 1:50:25

SFU SIAT for Vancouver Public Library morph exhibit: ‘Living Language’ (Fall 2018)

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Telus STORYHIVE: In Chinatown - Ep3 Longevity 壽 (Spring 2018)

Ming Pao Daily: 「青心在唐人街」廣場麻雀打起來 (May 2018)

Sing Tao: UBC邀专家办工作坊 探讨加国粤语传承挑战 (May 2018)

Vancouver Sun: Vancouver Chinatown's history woven into Chinatowns across the globe (Feb 2018)

MetroNews: 'It changes every day': Vancouver commissions retail gentrification study in Chinatown (Dec 2017)

The Tyee: Growing Up Chinese Canadian: A Century of Stories Part 5: A New Generation Embraces Its Chinatown Roots (July 2017)

Zolima CityMag: Hong Kong in Vancouver – Part II: The New Generation of Activists Building a Future for Chinatown (June 2017)

KCTS9: Vancouver's Vanishing Chinatown (Feb 2017)

Sing Tao Daily: 華埠承載美好回憶 教粵語回饋社區 (Dec 2016)

Sing Tao Daily: 衝出街頭教粵語 姊妹花華埠創新風 (Dec 2016)

Roundhouse Radio, Sense Of Place - Guest Host Patrick Maliha - Doris Chow (Nov 3, 2016)

Globe and Mail: Vancouver seeks to protect character of historic Chinatown (Oct 2016)

CBC News: Vancouver Chinese school turns Chinatown into classroom (Oct 2016)

CBC Radio, On the Coast: Vancouver Chinese school turns Chinatown into classroom (07:39) (Oct 2016)

MetroNews: New spin on Chinese school focuses on Chinatown’s Cantonese conversations (Sept 2016)

Ming Pao Daily: 華埠義工組織辦周末粵語班 聯手黃氏宗親會 (Sept 2016)

Sing Tao Daily: 推廣應用廣府話 文彊學校今秋重開 (Sept 2016)

Ming Pao Daily: 華埠教粵劇甩水袖護草根文化「青心在唐人街」周六舉辦 (Aug 2016)

Vancouver Sun: Vancouver Chinatown real estate bustle puts hundreds of historic photos, documents at risk (July 2016)

CBC News: Chinatown development to be publicly debated (Jan 2016)

Roundhouse Radio: Chinatown gathers over development concerns (Jan 2016)

Vancouver Biennale: Discussion: Diversity and the Built Environment: The Case of 105 Keefer (Jan 2016)

Sing Tao Daily: 華埠開檯交流 族裔合力保傳統 (Dec 2015)

Vancouver Sun: A new generation defends Vancouver’s Chinatown traditions: Opposition keeps growing to a proposal for a 13-storey condo building (Dec 2015)

Fairchild TV: 'Magazine 26' documentary on Vancouver Chinatown (Nov 2015)

Ming Pao Daily: 反對華埠過度開發 數十人漫遊「憑弔」(Oct 2015)

Sing Tao Daily: 华埠步行导赏团 “送别”将消失景物 (Oct 2015)

Ming Pao Daily: 反對過度開發 華青明華埠「憑弔」(Oct 2015)

Globe and Mail: Vancouver condo tower redesigned to better fit historic Chinatown (Oct 2015)

Sing Tao Daily: 華埠建樓辦諮詢 示威者踩場抗議 (Oct 2015)

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Sing Tao: 11檯麻雀露天打 現華埠懷舊耍樂 (June 2015)

Ming Pao Daily:「青心在唐人街」戶外聯誼 華埠開枱打牌賀端陽 (June 2015)

CBC Radio: Interview with Event Organizer Doris Chow (June 2015) - note: interview starts at 1:20

Vancity Buzz: Free mahjong social happening this Saturday in Chinatown (June 2015)

Vancouver Courier: Young adults fuel Chinatown's future (April 2015)