Community mosaic by Yule Ken Lum

Community mosaic by Yule Ken Lum

urban planning context

Working within a neighbourhood with national, provincial and local historic significance - and one that is under the intense and rapid pressures of development - has required us to learn a tonne about urban planning processes. We are still learning! 

We aim to address the need for meaningful youth engagement and succession planning within the Chinatown community, as cited as high priorities in the Chinatown Vision Directions (2002) and the Chinatown Neighborhood Plan and Economic Revitalization Strategy (2012), adopted by the City of Vancouver and created in consultation with community leaders and representatives.

See YOUNG HEARTS IN CHINATOWN 青心在唐人街 : Activating Public Space in Vancouver's Chinatown, Kathryn Gwun-Yeen Lennon 姚君妍, 2016.