reimagining public space in vancouver’s chinatown

The social and health benefits of vibrant public spaces are broadly accepted across Vancouver through its Healthy City Strategy (2014).

Through the support of the City of Vancouver through various programs and departments, we conducted study of Chinatown’s public spaces to show their important role—but yet untapped potential—in amplifying cultural and community values and their public expression. In the Chinatown Neighbourhood Plan (2012), special events and daily activities in public places are recognized to be an essential part of urban life and contribute towards the community’s identity and sense of pride.


Experiences of a Courtyard (2018)
Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Courtyard

Experiences of Chinatown (2017)
Chinatown Memorial Square; Keefer and Columbia Streets

A Grandma’s Eye View of Vancouver’s Chinatown (2016)
Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place conference