7 Values of Youth Group


youth focus: many elders and city officials working in Chinatown have expressed concern for the lack of sustained youth involvement and leadership in Chinatown (Chinatown Neighbourhood Plan and Economic Revitalization Strategy, City Council Report July 2012); many youth have expressed passion to honour the heritage of Chinatown – this is the voice that we will foster and represent

social justice: we recognize that class informs experience. Low-income residents of Chinatown will be directly affected by the changes in the neighbourhood and are the most impacted by affordability issues.

forward-thinking: we recognize that change is occurring – we are (1) not asking for Chinatown to be like it was “back in the day” and stopping all of development (2) being open to a level of diversity in the ownership and clientele of new businesses but we work to honour the heritage and cultural spirit of Chinatown

pragmatism: we will build creative solutions based in evidence and research that are not just “pie in the sky” ideas without considering what’s possible and constructive

independence: we operate with a respectful yet independent voice.

unity: there is a lot of negativity that we can be pulled into but we will put in the hard work to define as well as guide the collective voice of our youth contingent

impact: we balance discussion and community building with initiatives that have a tangible impact and quantifiable results